Saturday, June 2, 2012

Crystal Creations for Spring

Two wonderful girls in our family are celebrating milestones this spring, so I decided to make something special for each of them.

The first big event was a few weeks ago, in May.  Our eight-year-old great niece received her First Communion.  I decided a year ago that I wanted to make rosary beads for her and her mother told me that she would like pink.  I was a little apprehensive about how much work it would be.  I thought that making all the loops to connect the crystals would take forever, but once I figured out exactly how long each piece of wire needed to be, it worked up fairly quickly.  To my surprise, I didn't get tired of making the loops.  I was thrilled with my results and plan to make rosary beads for each of the other two great nieces when they receive their First Communion. 

I will be making more rosary beads, which will be for sale on my Etsy site in a few weeks.

Pink crystal beads, sterling silver wire for loops, pewter crucifix and centerpiece.  Her name and the date of her First Communion are engraved on the back of the crucifix.

Our second big event is our only grandaughter's high-school graduation, which takes place in two weeks.  My husband and I and liked the chained pink crystals in the rosary so much that we decided I should make a necklace with matching earrings for her.  I was very unhappy with the first set of earrings that I made because they were too ornate.  Once I realized why they didn't work, I chose to make simple earrings, with a loop below and above the crystal, just like the loops that chained the crystals together in the necklace.

Pink crystal beads, sterling wire for loops, sterling toggle clasp. 

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  1. Linda, those are gorgeous. I bet the girls are thrilled. You should go to the nearest Catholic church and see if they want to sell them in their gift shop. Most of our churches out here have gift shops.
    Your wire work is incredible.

  2. Thanks, Bonnie. The great-niece loved the rosary, but the grandaughter hasn't gotten her gift yet. Unfortunately for me, none of our churches have gift shops. There used to be a religious shop in the nearest city, but it closed several years ago. That's my biggest problem with this rural area--there's nowhere to sell my work. I guess I'll have to give Etsy another try.

  3. I love them!!
    I was wondering what kind of wire you use?? I am willing to do something similar with swarovski crystal pearls and I am not quite sure what kind of wire to get ..gauge .

  4. Thank you, Marie. I think it would be beautiful with Swarovski crystal pearls. I used 20-gauge, round, sterling silver-filled wire on each bead. I played with pieces of craft wire until I found the perfect length. Then I cut all the sterling pieces in advance. I also made a mark on my round-nose pliers and used that spot to do all my loops. That's how I got the loops to be so uniform in size. I used sterling jump rings between the beads--using closed jump rings as much as possible. I also used sterling split rings to attach the crucifix and centerpiece for extra security.