Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Latest Cane

I'll bet you thought that this would be about a polymer clay cane that I made and wanted to show you.  Instead, it's about a real cane that belongs to my friend, Kathleen.  She's been using a cane for awhile now because of hip problems. 

A couple of years ago she got a black metal cane and she asked me if I would paint some roses on it.  I painted a vine of rosebuds that wound it's way around and down the cane.  I love the look of pink rosebuds against a plain black background, so I was pleased with the results.  Kathleen really liked it, too.

About three weeks ago Kathleen was in the supermarket and she put her cane in the shopping cart.  She unloaded her groceries into her car, but forgot to take the cane out of the cart.  When she arrived home, she realized immediately what had happened.  Her husband went to the supermarket, expecting to find the cane still in the cart out in the parking lot, but it wasn't there.  Nobody had turned it in to the customer service desk either.  It was gone.

At first I was really angry that somebody would steal a cane.  I thought about all the times I've read of thieves who have stolen wheelchairs and even vans that are specially set up for disabled people.  I don't condone stealing in any situation, but to steal from someone with a disability is a special kind of wrong.

Then I decided to believe that the person who took the cane needed it desperately and couldn't afford to buy one.  Or maybe the person who took it knows someone who needs a cane and can't afford it. It's amazing how much better this makes me feel.

Kathleen's husband got her another cane and I painted roses and vines on the new cane.

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  1. That is beautiful. I can see why someone would take it but it's still not right.

    You did a beautiful job.