Sunday, March 6, 2016

Where Have I Been??!!

I'll bet some people thought that I had abandoned my blog.  I'm a little shocked to see how long it's been since I posted.  I thought it was last summer.  Nope.  It was August of 2014.

I'm not one to post for the sake of posting.   I like to have something worthwhile to share, so I often go for long periods without blogging.  There are some things that I've been meaning to post, and I hope to get to them before long.

In December of 2014 I was hit by a car.  It was a very gentle collision.  The car began to back up as I was walking behind it and I was knocked down.  Unfortunately, I twisted my back and spent about six months going to the chiropractor and sitting around.  I wasn't able to ski or play tennis.  You'd think that I would have caught up on my blogging. Maybe I should have.

Instead, I started knitting "seriously."  I've been knitting off and on since I was a kid. About every ten years I'd start up again.  Because I had nobody to help me, I'd get frustrated and give up within a month or two.  This time, I have a friend who loves to knit and she has become my mentor.  I joined a knitting group and a knitting forum. Whenever I run into a problem, I just go online and watch videos.  I am amazed at how it's all come together for me!

So that's where I've been all this time.  But stay tuned because I'm writing a new tutorial. This one is for making knitting stitch markers with jewelry supplies.


  1. Hello Linda and Happy New Year 🎈 I happened upon your blog accidentally and where have I been? I like it and you have great tips. I will bookmark. Thanks

  2. Thank you, Citygirl. Shame on me for not posting in so long. I've been knitting and painting!