Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Bead Soup Blog Party Partner

Lori was very sick with the flu, which caused the Bead Soup Blog Party dates to shift forward a little bit--but now I know that my BSBP partner is Kimberly Idalski from Michigan.  Kimberly and I have emailed a few times and we find that we have quite a few things in common, especially the colors and types of beads that we like.  
We both love to work in polymer clay.  From what I've seen of Kimberly's polymer clay work, she's quite a bit more advanced than I am.  Kimberly's work and tutorials have been published!  In fact, she's about to be published again!  Looks like I'll have to stop wasting time on housework and spend more time on polymer clay!
I also learned that Kimberly likes to mix polymer clay beads with crystals and pearls in her jewelry pieces, which is something that I frequently do.  I like to combine texture and sheen along with some sparkle. 
Another thing we have in common is our pets.  We've both been known as "the Bird Lady" because of our pet birds.  Kimberly still has her parrots, but I'm sad to say that all of my parakeets and cockatiels have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  We both have dogs, although hers are MUCH bigger than my little Yorkies.
We've agreed to mail our Bead Soup packages by the end of this week, as Kimberly had a request from a magazine to submit her work for publication, which interrupted her Bead Soup preparation.  That was fine with me because it gave me time to make a few beaded beads to add into my Bead Soup.  We have plenty of time because we're in the 3rd Reveal.  We'll have almost two months before we have to post photos of what we create with our Bead Soups.
I know you'd like to see a picture of what I'm sending to Kimberly, but that's against the rules.  What I CAN do is post a disguised photo of the Bead Soup that I've put together.  
I've edited my photo so that it's black and white--after all, I don't want to give away the colors.  Then I used "solerization," which takes away all the detail.  

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