Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pinterest and Inspiration

As an artist, I see inspiration everywhere.  Unfortunately, I have a terrible memory.  If I don't "write it down" I don't remember "it."  Sometimes "it" is a beautiful combination of colors; sometimes "it" is a shape.  Other times "it" can be an idea that is triggered by something I see.

This was an experiment on a paper towel, based on a kids' craft that I Repinned.  I liked the results and I'll probably try this technique on a tote bag.  The original post is from
When I find inspiration in a magazine or newspaper, I cut it out or simply save the publication.  Then I forget where I put it, or even worse, I forget that I saved anything at all.
Frequently I see things online that I want to remember.  For years I saved websites to my Favorites.  But there was no visual and the name of the website often was meaningless to me when I'd go back to look through the list.  I spent way too much time opening links to see if I could figure out why the heck I had saved them.
I tried creating files with website addresses organized in titled sections.  That was a little better, but still no visuals.  Even when I knew why I saved the link, I'd frequently open the link and still not be able to find the item I wanted.
Saving websites on my desktop was helpful for a short while, until my desktop was too full to add even one more link.  Then I discovered that I could make a folder where I could place links with a common theme.  The next thing I knew I had subfolders and things were out of control again.
I wanted to copy photos and paste them into files with the links to the corresponding websites, but there's the copyright issue, not to mention how much time and computer space it would take.
I'd often wished that there was an easy way to save not only the links, but a visual that would identify what was so enticing about that site.
And then there was Pinterest.  My friend Gale told me about it.  She offered to send me an invitation.  I replied that I was drowning in newsletters, Facebook, online Groups for painting, polymer clay, and jewelry-making.  I didn't have room in my schedule for one more online social site.  So I ignored Pinterest for a few months.
I don't even remember why I finally broke down and looked at Pinterest.  Oh!!! the color palettes, gorgeous photographs, cute animals, recipes, knitting, crocheting, jewelry, polymer clay, fashion, and tons of tutorials.  It was delicious!  I spent hours linking all over the place, but it didn't take me long to figure it out:  Pinterest is the ultimate way to organize my online inspirations!  
Simply put, Pinterest is a giant bulletin board system.  When you become a member you get your own page, where you can create your own bulletin Boards and give them descriptive names.  Then you can "Repin" items through the homepage or through somebody else's bulletin Board into one of your own Boards.  If you're not sure you want to Repin an item to one of your bulletin Boards, you can "Like" it.  You can also "Follow" a particular person's page or an individual Board.  Pinterest is extremely user-friendly. 
You can even "Pin" something directly from almost anywhere online, including things from your own website or your blog.  Then other people can Repin your Pins.  It can be that easy.
Of course, nothing is ever truly as simple as it seems.  There are some "Pinterest manners" to mind.  Amy Lynn Andrews of Blogging with Amy has written "The Ultimate List of Pinterest Tips."  Even though I've been using Pinterest for several months, I found that Amy's blog had some really great information.  Every Pinterest member should read it. 
Here's the link to my Pinterest page:
As of today, I have created 36 Boards, 991 Pins, and 113Likes.  I LOVE Pinterest!
If you want to join Pinterest, you can go to and request an invitation, or you can ask me to send you an invitation.

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