Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gold & Silver Prices August 2, 2011

My husband was just watching one of the business channels on TV and they were talking about what a great day it is for metals--their words, not mine.  Apparently the debt ceiling upset had caused precious metal prices to drop for a few days, but as of yesterday, they're back up again.  From their perspective, if the prices are rising, then investors are doing well.  For those of us who make jewelry, it's just more bad news.

Ending prices on August 2, 2011:
  • Gold closed at $1664 per ounce, the highest price yet in 2011
  • Silver closed at $40.09 per ounce
  • Copper...I can't find the closing price of Copper from yesterday, but I did find a site that quotes Copper currently at $4.33 a pound, which is about $ .27 per ounce.  That's almost no change from the $ .25 per ounce that I told you  about in my blog last August 14, almost exactly a year ago.
On May 5 of this year I blogged about the new (at the time) Silver-Filled wire.  I included links to a couple of companies that sell Silver-Filled wire.  I've just learned of two other companies that have added Silver-Filled wire to their inventory: 
Blue sells Silver-Filled findings, beads, and clasps, too.  I imagine that means that other companies are selling Silver-Filled findings as well.

I've also heard of local bead stores that are now carrying Silver-Filled wire and findings.

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