Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can't Make a Comment to Blogger?

It's funny what a small world it is.  I was having a problem with Blogger and spent quite a bit of time searching around the Help files trying to resolve it.  It took me about a week to find the answer.  OK, so I wasn't searching constantly for a week--but I did use up a lot of time trying to find an answer.  Tonight, I was reading info from a polymer clay artist's Blog and linked to a second Blog from the first one.  Wouldn't you know?  Both of those Blogs told me how to fix my problem!  If only I had found them a week ago!

The problem was that I was unable to enter a comment on my own Blog.  Therefore, I was prevented from replying to a question that was asked in a comment to my last Blog entry.  I had no difficulty going to my Dashboard, where I was automatically signed in and able to work normally.  I ran into a roadblock when I viewed my own Blog. 

I tried to reply to the Comment but I couldn't because I was not signed in.  Every time I tried to sign in, I was redirected to my Dashboard page, already signed in.  So...I was signed in on the Dashboard, but I couldn't get signed in to my Blog page.

The first solution I found was to try a different Browser.  My computer is kind of tight for space, so I really don't need to be installing Browser files that will use up more of my computer's space--and I really don't want to spend time learning how to use a new Browser.  This was not an option for me.

The second solution was to Sign Off (from my Dashboard) then Sign In again.  This time, I was instructed NOT to check the box that says, "Stay Signed In."  Or words to that effect.  BINGO!  This solved the problem and I now can reply to comments on my Blog entries.

So if anyone is having problems getting signed in or staying signed in to Blogger, try out one of these two solutions.


  1. Hi Ms. Linda! This really worked for me :) I have been struggling with the same problem weeks now :) Thanks again!

  2. Thank you so much! I can comment fine from Chrome but not from Firefox.