Monday, May 2, 2011

FREE CINDY LIETZ TUTORIAL VIDEO--Available for a Few Days Only, Starts May 2

Let me start out by saying that I don't receive any benefit for telling you about this.

For the past 18 months I've been following Cindy Lietz's polymer clay blog, which is a goldmine of information.  Cindy is known as the "Polymer Clay Tutor."  Four times each month those of us who are paid members get to view a new polymer clay beading tutorial.  These are extremely high-quality videos--and as long as we continue our memberships, we have unlimited access to those tutorials--for an amazing price of less than $3.50 per month.  Oh, let me not forget the two color recipes that are included with each tutorial!  If you like to work with polymer clay, you're crazy not to become a member.

Recently, Cindy did a tutorial called the "Lietz Teardrop Blend Shift Technique." If you've ever struggled with the Skinner Blend, or just felt that the Skinner Blend is too time-consuming, you've got to see Cindy's video!  It's her own technique and it's brilliant!

Starting on May 2 Cindy is allowing free access to this tutorial. Read about it and access the tutorial here.  Hurry up and view the video because it may only be free for a few days.

ONE MORE sure to sign up for Cindy's free newsletter at and you'll receive a free color recipe four times a month (these are different from the color recipes that come with the paid membership), along with free access to three polymer clay tutorials.

Don't miss these great free opportunities!


ADDED ON JUNE 9, 2011: 

Readers, please note that you can STILL get Cindy's free polymer clay newsletter, even though the "Lietz Teardrop Blend Shift Technique" video is no longer free.

Along with Cindy's free newsletter you get unlimited free access to three tutorials. You also get four free color recipes each month.


  1. Thank you sweetie for getting the word out. I really appreciate that! I am so glad that you like the technique. We sure love having you and your friendly self around the blog!

  2. I'm happy to help get the word out, Cindy. Once I signed up for your free newsletter and 3 videos, I could see what a fabulous bargain it is to have a membership at "The Polymer Clay Tutor!"

    I just want to help spread the joy!