Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This slideshow is a collection of some of the jewelry I've made.  Included here are:  hand-knotted pearls and lapis lazuli necklaces; chain maille bracelet and earrings; beadwoven bracelets; and a variety of other pieces.

JUNE 1, 2012 UPDATE:

It has recently come to my attention that the website providing my slideshow has closed down.  Because of that my slideshow no longer exists. :(

I'm looking for another source for slideshows.  If I'm unable to create a new slide show, I'll be posting my work in still shots in the near future.


  1. Beautiful work! I enjoyed the slide show. Linda, what stitch did you use for the beaded bangles; the dark one with the pearls and crystals? Your beadwork is stunning. I just tried doing a pearl necklace - I've done a bracelet - but had to open it up. I think the thread was too thin for the holes. I'm still trying to work that out - how to use the correct thickness silk cord.

  2. Cherie, I think you must be referring to the bracelet with the lavender and deep blue pearls, surrounded by green crystals and deep blue seeds. I learned how to make this bracelet at Castleander Beads in Hudson, NH. Tory is the owner and she's a sweetheart. Check out her website for photos of variations of the flat spiral stitch.

    I recently found an excellent video of the flat spiral stitch done by Karla Shaeffer of Auntie's Beads. She has a bunch of videos she calls the Karla Kam. I highly recommend them.

  3. I love karla's videos. Very good beading videos! The bangle is the one in the photo between the three bangles and the pink and pearl heart necklace. Is that a flat spiral stitch on the bangle? Is that the same stitch on the other three bangles? I thought it was a netting stitch.

  4. Yes, Cherie, the single bracelet in the photo between the pink necklace and the 3 bracelets is done in the flat spiral stitch. The difference between mine and Karla's is that I used 6mm pearls in place of the 6mm crystals.

    The 3 bracelets are done with the "filled net stitch," created by Gwen Fisher. She has a free tutorial on her website: